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Carnival Halloween Sailings


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Hi everyone, happy Monday!

Just thought I would let you know that 13 Carnival ships will be offering Halloween onboard through October. Also, you can check all the activities that will be onboard here: Carnival Cruise Line Details Halloween Sailings Through October (cruisehive.com)

  • Carnival Breeze: 10/02/21 through 10/30/21
  • Carnival Dream: 10/03/21 through 10/31/21
  • Carnival Elation: 10/11/21 through 10/30/21
  • Carnival Freedom: 10/09/21 through 10/31/21
  • Carnival Glory: 10/03/21 through 10/31/21
  • Carnival Horizon: 10/02/21 through 10/30/21
  • Carnival Magic: 10/02/21 through 10/31/21
  • Carnival Miracle: 10/01/21 through 10/29/21
  • Carnival Panorama: 10/02/21 through 10/30/21
  • Carnival Pride: 10/03/21 through 10/31/21
  • Carnival Sunrise: 10/04/21 through 10/28/21
  • Carnival Vista: 10/02/21 through 10/30/21
  • Mardi Gras: 10/02/21 through 10/30/21


Have you ever been on a Halloween cruise before?

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Have sailed on many Carnival Halloween sailings before.  In the past, cruisers and staff have gone all out with costumes and entertainment.  Don't know what it will be like this year, but my daughter and I will be packing costumes just in case.  Sailing out of New Orleans, we plan on spending 2 days pre-cruise and want to take one of their ghost tours!  That should get us in the mood!

Joyce and Katy

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Hi @Joyce Geraci, welcome to the boards and thanks so much for your reply.

Knowing Carnival, I think Halloween will be spooky and fun as usual. Even the pirate is making a return in the main atrium. costumes are allowed but think there are still some rules as in the screenshot below. When is your cruise? I bet you can't wait! You have to let us know how the cruise was.


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On 9/29/2021 at 10:30 PM, Joyce Geraci said:

We will be sailing on Glory out of NOLA Oct.17th.  Spending 2 days pre-cruise in NOLA.  getting our testing done at OHare Friday before boarding plane.  Checked twice with Carnival, and was told that would be accepted as 2 days prior to sailing.  Hope I got the correct information!

Joyce and Katy

Not too long until your cruise then! I bet the excitement is building up!

Yes, if it's two days before sailing then you'll be all good. I hope it all goes smoothly for you.

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