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San Juan cruise explorer of the seas

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We just returned from explorer of the seas sailing from San Juan - the one which was denied entry to St.Lucia.  I will say that the majority of people refused to adhere to the limit of 4 people per elevator.  Several times our party of 4 were in elevator and next thing I know 6 more people piled in.  After stating there is a limit of 4, many times we were unable to communicate this in Spanish or people said it doesn’t matter, we are all vaccinated.  Even after the announcement of covid on ship, people continued to not wear masks on deck 4 and 5 interior.  Only once did I see a crew member ask people to socially distance in guest services line.  I felt very unsafe on this cruise.  For those cruising from San Juan- good luck finding a place to test pre-cruise, that was rather difficult.  Also in San Juan most hotels and restaurants require you to show your vaccination card to enter.  Stay safe out there!

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My husband and I were also on this cruise. We completely agree about the lack of observance for the elevator capacity. We denied so many people trying to pile into the elevator once it reached 4 max. I am in no way commenting bias, but every time this happened it was Latin American passengers. These passengers also had zero regard for social distancing. They were always in large groups and blocked entryways with no regard to stepping aside. I saw no effort from staff intervening with these large groups. However, I did observe all of the staff adhering to mask protocol. I thought the handwashing station prior to entering into the Windjammer restaurant was brilliant. 

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