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Negative after a positive...

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I am pretty frustrated with a rule Carnival has in regards to the Covid testing. Last month I tested positive for the Covid. I am set to sail on the 18th of this month. It was brought to my attention (from the county health department) it is very likely I will still test positive even though I really don't have it nor am I contagious. They offered to give me an exam and write a letter stating I am "fully recovered" even though I tested positive. According to the CDC people can actually test positive for MONTHS!! As more people come tract this virus and recover, how can we get back to cruising????

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I had this identical situation and question.  I even sent attachments in emails that indicated (per CDC) FROM cruise line website links they provided, that a letter from a medical doctor, health department, etc., saying you have recovered should suffice.  I was told, even though that information was ON the cruise line website, that was not going to work.  I HAD to have a negative test.  I contacted the CDC (email and actual phone conversation) and was told that the cruise lines did NOT have to abide by CDC regulations - they were "guidelines."  True story.  Then why even post any of this on cruise line sites??  It turned into a ridiculous mess.  I have had COVID twice.  Once prior to available vaccines and once after both vaccines.  I also got a booster and an antibody test.  I tested positive on PCR (took five days for results) and then got a 24-hour test at the hospital the SAME DAY which came back negative.  I did that as I was told I should, since the other results would not be back in time.  This was for a cruise.  Sad story is we were unable to go....my husband tested positive on the hospital 24-hour test!  It is absurd.  Surely SOMEONE else besides us have run into this issue.  I would do an at-home test a few days prior to your actual time to really test to see what happens.  I was inadvertently around a bunch of people with COVID over Thanksgiving.  So now what??  We are supposed to go January 9th.  This all has to stop.  A virus mutates and won't go away, so we need to live life.....


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