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Disney Wish Cancels Castaway Cay Stop and Lies about Reason

I was on the recent 3-night sailing of the Disney Wish. On the morning of day 2, we were notified that we would be late getting into Nassau due to "technical issues" (presumably with the ship. We were a couple of hours late getting into port in Nassau. We had been scheduled to leave Nassau at about 5:45 p.m., but the technical difficulties kept us in Nassau until 10:00 a.m. the next day. We were told that we would be missing the stop at Castaway Cay, due to the technical issues AND bad weather.

But, here is the issue: I was on Disney Dream 3 weeks back, and we had REAL bad weather. The captain tried twice to dock the ship at Castaway Cay before aborting. This time, on the Wish, they didn't bother. The real reasons, I suspect, are as follows:

1. By the time the Wish left Nassau, it was too late to get to Castaway Cay and make any kind of day of it (1:30-2:00 at the earliest)

2. The Wish had missed a day of sales in its shops as it sat in port at Nassau for 24 hours. Plus, no sales at Castaway Cay. Disney wanted an "at sea" day to make up the deficit.

We were given a $100 shipboard credit, and a 20% discount on any fully-priced 3, 4, or 7 day future cruise. This may seem magnanimous, but the missed stop at Castaway Cay was 100% Disney's responsibility. For a 3 night cruise, with only 2 full days, missing Disney's highly-touted private island was a huge deal. Some people seem to believe Disney's story on why they couldn't stop at Castaway Cay (ship problems AND weather), when it was really JUST ship problems. (Interestingly enough, when weather really was an issue on the Dream, and we missed a Castaway Cay stop, we weren't offered anything, and I was kind of OK with that. After all, Disney can't control the weather).

This cruise was almost $4 thousand for my wife and me. We have now been on 25 Disney cruises. Had this been our first, it would have been our last. It wasn't that the future discount was, or was not sufficient. We just hate the lies and gaslighting.

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Yeah I'm sorry to hear you received this experience. As you 100% said, you paid a lot of money to be on the cruise and experience the whole thing to be lied to in order for the greed of the company to make more money is not something that should be taken lightly. I don't like the sound of that and Disney should be ashamed of themselves for treating paying customers this way.

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@83gamecock This is so upsetting. Next time, I hope Disney Cruise Line does better. In fact, I hope there isn't a next time and you don't have to experience this sort of frustration on vacation again. This is an article about the Disney Wish cruise you were on! https://www.cruisehive.com/mechanical-issues-forces-disney-ship-to-skip-port-adjust-itinerary/100250

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