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Carnival - Solo Cruisers Should Earn Double VIFP points in your Loyalty Program. Pleeeezeeee

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Hey Carnival…. Us, the passengers that sail solo, the ones that pay for double occupancy but only sail alone, should earn double VIFP points

John and Team, please keep us in mind as you revamp Carnival’s loyalty program please.  And hey, if you can, please make it retro. Thanks!

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Yes, please give double Cruise Points to solo travellers. Your biggest competitor, Royal Caribbean, does that. Also, Carnival's sister cruise-line, Holland America, gives bonus Cruise Points for onboard spending as well as for passengers paying for Suites.  All spending with the cruise-line should be respected as part of onboard totals, just as Holland America does: e.g. spa treatment, gym services, health products, speciality dining, shore excursions, drinks, et cetera.


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@Shepherd42 You are one amongst many cruise guests that are recommending the same thing for Carnival Cruise Line! I think you definitely deserve double points as a solo guest. If the cruise line initiates the incentive structure for cruise guests to earn points per dollar spent onboard, this could be a really great perk of that system. @Brent Shuffler I notice more complaints about Carnival Cruise Line's loyalty program than Royal Caribbean International's loyalty program so maybe this would earn CCL some extra popularity amongst its biggest fans, not that it needs any more! I think that the line is really leaning towards moving in this particular direction. Your recommendations are really reasonable and, I believe, in alignment with the cruise line's ideal VIFP program restructuring. 

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