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Mariner of the Seas cancellation

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Anyone else left completely high and dry for their family's spring break vacation and really upset over the paltry compensation?  With only 2 weeks to plan another trip over SPRING BREAK no less, we are scrambling..... and options are extremely limited. They HAD to see this coming sooner than now... Even 2 weeks ago we might have been able to find alternative but now - next to nothing.

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@CVBThat does not give you much time to rebook or plan another spring break option! Did Royal Caribbean offer you another itinerary option? Maybe the cruise line could have offered you an opportunity to cruise onboard another ship for the same dates. I'm so bummer this Mariner of the Seas itinerary was canceled! Apparently, it needed to extend its stay in dry dock. https://www.cruisehive.com/royal-caribbean-cancels-cruise-due-to-extra-days-in-dry-dock/96548

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@CVB Hopefully you are able to reschedule a cruise onboard Marnier of the Seas. It's a great ship that actually underwent a refit in 2018 that cost $120 million! Apparently, April 6, 2023, will be the date it returns from dry dock. I hope this happens and other guests don't have to experience this very last-minute email that their anticipated cruise vacation is being canceled. 

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