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Overbooked Wonder of the Seas, March 12, 2023

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@Arie Gutman Thanks for sharing that information on Explorer of the Seas! I can't believe that Wonder of the Seas oversold for spring break this year. Have you cruised onboard Wonder of the Seas yet? I would imagine it has to be so packed with guests, especially if the ship is overbooked. It's the world's largest cruise ship. I highly doubt that any guests who were originally booked onboard Wonder of the Seas will want to transfer to Explorer of the Seas. The experience doesn't really compare to sailing on the world's largest cruise ship! I guess it's all a part of the spring break chaos. 

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I received this email and I’m willing to switch weeks, I also submitted survey saying such, but I haven’t heard back. I would like to continue planning alternate plans… does anyone know how quickly they will let you know if you were selected to receive the credit, or know that I  WON’T be sailing?

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@Cgrenon That's very flexible of you that you were willing to switch weeks. Many cruisers don't have such flexibility in their schedules, but at least you can still sail on the epic Wonder of the Seas! I would try and call them directly and make sure Royal Caribbean stays on top of it. I wouldn't want you to miss out on pre-booking your favorite amenities.  Sending a follow-up email would also be a good way to ensure it's all taken care of in a timely manner. Which itinerary dates did you switch to? 

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