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Galveston to Hobby transportation?

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Our family of 5 is cruising out of Galveston in a few weeks. The cruise disembarks in Galveston on 4/2/23. We have an 11:30 flight home from Hobby. I have the following questions:

  • Can we make it to our flights in time?? (The rest of the questions don't matter if the answer to this one is no 😀)
  • What is the best way to get to Hobby for 5 people? I have seen a lot of people say Uber.
  • If Uber is not feasible, we are thinking about a private shuttle. Does anyone have recommendations?

As a possible additional complication, our son may need to go to Austin right after the cruise for a grad school interview at UT, so he may need to go to the Megabus terminal instead of Hobby. Are there any good ways to get there from Hobby? Otherwise my thought was we could arrange for the private shuttle to potentially take him after dropping us off, or he could take a separate Uber.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


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@pjs22I truly don't know if you will make that flight time without prior arrangements. You could request priority disembarkation, and this may give you the advantage to make it in time. Uber could work just fine for a family of five but it is going to be harder to come across for larger-sized cars. Uber also can take at least 30 mins for a car to be ready and available so arranging something ahead of time would be best. I recommend finding an airport shuttle service or transportation company that you can reserve to pick you up at 8:30 am at the port. Which cruise line are you cruising with? If you can get in the taxi to the airport by 8:30 am and arrive at the airport by 9:30 am you should be fine. It looks like about an hour from the cruise port to the airport.

I would say you should go to guest services once onboard the ship and explain to them your situation to see if you and your family could be accommodated to have priority disembarkation. Realistically you would want to try and exit the ship close to 7 am, no later than 7:30 am and then potentially carry off your own luggage to save time. The megabus looks like your best option and will pick you up from the airport. I recommend just looking into that schedule and seeing if you can get him on the bus that day.



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@pjs22 Were you able to get all of this travel stuff sorted out? Your cruise is coming up pretty soon out of Galveston.  Make sure you give yourself ample time because there is a major road closure in the area that will affect your drive time. I wouldn't want you to miss your flight due to this. Your flight time seems a bit tight considering all of these factors. If Princess Cruises offers priority disembarkation, even if you have to pay extra, it would be worth it in my opinion. 

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