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Antarctica cruise - Missed port of call

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We were on a 14 day Antarctica cruise that departed Buenos Aires on January 29, 2023.  We had a port of call at Punta Arenas, Chile, on 3 February.  When we arrived NCL informed that it was a tender port.  Then due to “high winds” the tendering was cancelled.  The original itinerary did not identify this as a tender port of call.  Also it is not listed as a tender port of call for subsequent cruises. The passengers are speculating that NCL was not allowed to berth as another ship was docked and Punta Arenas cannot support tender operations for a cruise ship.  Any information on this or similar experiences?

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@Traveler7 You can't do too much about safety and weather patterns, but Buenos Aires must be an amazing port of embarkation! Was that your first time embarking from Buenos Aires? That's a super intriguing thought. Was the weather actually windy? It's bizarre that the cruise line would not disclose that Punta Arenas, Chile was a tendered port. Like you stated, it doesn't seem like an exclusively tendered port of call. I haven't experienced this before, but if the other ship was able to get on land, I think your ship likely deserved the equal opportunity if it was safe!

MSC Cruises ship, MSC Musica, recently embarked on January 31, 2023 from Buenos Aires and ended up breaking loose due to significantly high winds in Brazil! 


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@Traveler7 That's so strange! I wonder why you guys needed a tender and the other ship didn't. Maybe the other ship needed shore power? I was reading about the Punta Arenas, Chile cruise port, and apparently high winds and cold weather are to be expected. I also found that it's very common for cruise ships to reach Punta Arenas via ferry and then use a tender to get offshore. I guess it's common practice and unfortunately, the weather wasn't particularly unusual for this region. 

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