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Current Carnival Horizon passenger/FRUSTRATED

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Hello, I am currently on the Carnival Horizon, 8 day cruise which 2 ports have been cancelled due to mechanical engine concerns(speed). I understand things may arise.  However, I don’t feel I and many other passengers are being fairly compensated!  We are missing 2 ports, only to receive $100 on board credit and 25% of future cruise. What about the cost I paid for a 8 day cruise? This is sooo unjust!! We should at least receive 50% off this cruise and or future! Along with another $100 on board credit?!  This compensation does not benefit the passengers and or guest! It ALL goes back to and or is beneficial to Carnival Cruise Line!  Please make it make since??!?

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Currently onboard as well and feel the same. I said from day 1 of the issue that it should be 50 not 25. Half of our ports cancelled. I get some ports can change without notice but to cancel 2 and just have more sea days on top of being late to Aruba is quite a bit to swallow. 

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We are super frustrated as well. Those with canceled cruises received 100% refund and 100% FCC and $200 OBC. Half our ports were canceled and all we get is 25% FCC and $100 OBC. That is just wrong. I feel totally ripped off! @Carnival Horizon should be ashamed. Plus many onboard activities were canceled like the Texas hold em tournaments.  I am super disappointed in Carnival right now. The crew has been amazing but the lack of additional activities and being stuck on ship for so long is unacceptable! Maybe we should start looking at cruising with other lines.

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I’m with you but on the OTHER side of the 2 weeks of refund, hotel, flights, and FCC group.  Called Executive Relations with NO results

They only offered that for 12/5 and 12/11 cruises.  12/19 (mine) cruise is being shifted between 2 ships.  Sunshine and Liberty. The 2-3 sailings after will just be on Liberty.  All cruises with ship changes are being offered $200 obc unless you are Havana then $250. I’m Havana and NOT HAPPY!   I’ll be losing $1500+ if I’m placed in a “comparable” balcony.  If I want full refund (minus part of my air and ALL of my hotel) I have to decide by tomorrow but haven’t been told what ship or cabin it might be replaced with.  I’m screwed either way.  If I cancel I’m out my hotel, antigen tests and part of my air.  ($800).   If I sale and get balcony I wasted at least $1800 for a Cabana.  I’m hot!!! I Called higher ups to the highest level they’d let me reach (person just under Ms Malarnia (sp?) Maria.  I was told it’s  Ms Maria then Colleen Oliverio. Tthey pretty much said take it or leave it.  Never again will I sail Carnival! COMPLETELY RUINED OUR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! 



SAILINGS DECEMBER 19, 26 & 31, 2021


December 2, 2021

Dear Carnival Horizon Guest,

We want to make you aware that Carnival Horizon is experiencing an issue affecting its maximum cruising speed.  Our technical team has completed a full assessment of the issue and has determined the ship will need to be taken to dry dock to complete the necessary work.  We have made arrangements for Carnival Sunshine and Carnival Liberty to return to guest operations earlier than scheduled to assume Carnival Horizon’s cruises from Miami for the sailings captioned above, including your cruise.  Please note, in order to transfer your reservation, we must close access to your booking.  Once the transfer is completed, you will receive a confirmation with your new ship and stateroom assignment.  We are working to ensure your new accommodations will be comparable to your original stateroom.

Both ships have just returned from dry dock and our crew is eager to welcome you on board and make you part of the excitement from being among the first group of guests to return the ships to service.  In addition, we know you will enjoy our spacious and comfortable staterooms, the warm and friendly service from our crew, and the great variety of entertainment and activities we have planned for you.

We recognize this is not what you had planned for your vacation and we sincerely apologize for this unexpected change.  We are pleased to offer a US$200, per stateroom, onboard credit so that you can enjoy a special experience on us when you cruise on Carnival Liberty or Carnival Sunshine.  Guests who had purchased a Family Harbor or Havana stateroom will receive a US$250, per stateroom, onboard credit as we do not have these staterooms on Liberty or Sunshine.

Alternatively, if this change does not work for you, you will have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 5 to cancel your reservation for a full refund.  Please make your refund selection using our online tool here – there is no need to call us.

If you want to remain on the sailing – and we certainly hope you will – you do not have to take any action at this time.

Here’s what you need to know about the ship transfer process:
  • From December 6 – 21, our team will be working on moving all the reservations so there is no need to call us.  (We appreciate your understanding as reservations cannot be accessed by anyone outside of our technical team during this period.) 
  • Your new ship and stateroom assignment will be noted on your confirmation once we have completed the change process.  There are several factors which will be taken into account when determining ship assignments, i.e., matching comparable stateroom accommodations to the extent possible, accommodating parties that are linked in our reservations system as traveling together, not exceeding the maximum number of unvaccinated guests allowed on each cruise, etc.
  • Email confirmations will be sent according to the following schedule:
    • December 19 departures – will receive email confirmation no later than December 14.
    • December 26 departures – will receive email confirmation no later than December 16.
    • December 31 departures – will receive email confirmation no later than December 21.
In addition:
  • The onboard credit offered above and any other onboard credit currently on your reservation, will be automatically transferred to your new booking.  
  • All pre-purchased items such as Fly2Fun air, Carnival Vacation Protection, gratuities, beverage and Wi-Fi packages, and Fun Shop items will automatically transfer with your new booking. 
  • Depending on your ship assignment, it may be necessary for you to rebook any pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions and you will be notified accordingly.
  • Approved and pending vaccine exemptions will follow the booking to the new ship.  If you have a pending exemption request, the transfer of your booking is not a confirmation of your request.
  • If you made a reservation for an in-terminal antigen test on the day of sailing, your payment will also be automatically refunded.  Once you receive your ship assignment, you will have to rebook your appointment.
After you receive your confirmation, you will have 48 hours in the event you wish to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund via our online tool here – there is no need to call us.  (Please refer to your new ship when accessing this tool for your refund.) Any cancellations received after this time will be subject to regular fare rules.  Additionally, if you choose the refund and booked this cruise using the enhanced FCC/OBC offer extended during our pause in operations, that future cruise credit and onboard credit are still yours to use by March 31, 2022, on a sailing departing no later than September 30, 2023.  (Note: promotional offers applicable to this cruise cannot be transferred to a future booking.)  Any amount paid in excess of the FCC for this cruise will be refunded. 

If you cancelled your reservation and booked air in conjunction with your cruise, we will reimburse up to US$200, per person, for any independent, non-refundable air expenses and/or change fees incurred. Please submit supporting documentation via email to airreimbursements@carnival.com

We hope you will continue with your plans to sail with us. Our team has prepared a full program of exciting activities and entertainment, including some special events just for you! 

Once again, we apologize for the change in your vacation plans and regret any disappointment this has caused.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard and are committed to providing you with a fun and memorable vacation.



Colleen Oliverio Signature



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