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Costa Rica Attracting a Crowd

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Costa Rica is becoming more and more desirable each day! On January 13, 2023 Costa Rica had a grand total of nine cruise ships visiting in one day. It must be because there are so many options to explore there, from volcanoes to beaches. It's a really unique spot. Has anyone cruised there before? I would love to cruise to Costa Rica while sailing a Panama Canal itinerary.

Also, Costa Rica recently revealed its plans for its newest cruise terminal in Puerto Limon. Not only will there be a new terminal, but Costa Rica will be enhancing its current facilities. The infrastructure will also be bettering its quality of services. Does anyone know when the new terminal will be operational?



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@kefthecruiser That's a good point; the area's eco-tourism is pretty amazing. I like the more tranquil, less congested, ports of call. It allows for guests to appreciate the natural space without feeling overwhelmed or over stimulated with tourist traps. I hope so too! I think if done properly, Costa Rica will continue to keep its natural habitat sacred and not oversaturate its market with touristic ventures. 

@LukeJ I didn't know that Costa Rica had five active volcanoes either! However, I did know that there are some volcanoes in the region. I agree! I don't actually think I would have the urge to stand that close to a volcano. It would for sure be an unforgettable experience though. I think maybe seeing it at a distance is thrilling enough for me!

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