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I'm all for the cruise industry reducing its carbon footprint. I love the idea of shore power! I hope that all cruise ports can provide this sort of capability in the near future to reduce emissions. Apparently by 2050, the entire cruise industry plans to become fully sustainable. Port Everglades just underwent a study that could potentially allow all eight of its cruise terminals to provide shore power! I hope this comes to fruition in the near future.


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This is great news for the industry! MSC Cruises recently began the use of shore power in Europe! https://www.cruisehive.com/msc-starts-up-shore-power-program-in-northern-europe/70306 All of these steps are truly impacting the sustainability of the cruise industry and making major strides at the potential to become a full sustainable. 

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Costa Group is following suit on the decarbonization train! The group has partnered with MOU, a methanol producer that will provide clean fuel for the cruise industry. That means both Costa Cruises and AIDA Cruises are committing to the future use of clean fuel. I'm excited that more cruise companies are joining in on the mission to become fully sustainable! 

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I'm glad Costa Group is following suit and making strides in the right direction. Speaking of the Costa Group, Costa Deliziosa set off on its 128-day world cruise this month! It's going to cruise to four different continents. I would love to set sail on a world cruise. It's not cheap but certainly unforgettable. Has anyone on here been on a world cruise before?

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AIDA Cruises is continuing to prove and pursue sustainability efforts as it continues to decarbonize its fleet. This month, AIDAsol hooked up to shore power on several occasions during one of its cruise itineraries, at ports in Denmark and Norway. Using shore power is both cost-efficient and reduces emissions, being very important in the future of this Carnival Coorporation-owned brand. 

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