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Time to "catch up" Carnival

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Isn't it time for Carnival to catch up with the competition?  We have almost 400 nights with Carnival.  Pins and bags don't cut it for us any more.  We have 145 nights with RCL.  EVERY DAY on RCL my wife and I each get 4 cocktails of our choice (we call it) at ANY bar at any time.  We also each get an 8X10 color photo at the photo studio each cruise.  That goes to 5 drinks each per day at 175 nights with RCL. 

We still love ya Carnival but, Ms Duffy, please stay competitive.  We will not book another Carnival cruise until we see an improvement in recognition of loyal past guests.

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@Robert Knapp It's quite incredible you have sailed almost 400 nights with Carnival Cruise Line! You are truly loyal to the brand. I would say you have likely collected every pin you could obtain! It's also impressive you have sailed almost 150 nights with Royal Caribbean. I'm very surprised you haven't received cocktail/drink perks while onboard Carnival Cruise Line. I know that Carnival does offer specialty events with drink perks. I'm sure you have hit one of the top loyalty status options, and you should truly be treated as a VIP guest.

I like the concept that RCL gives you drinks to use at any bar throughout the ship. The flexibility is so nice! I have heard rumors that Carnival Cruise Line may be changing its loyalty tiers. Hopefully the line can up its game and remain competitive in the market. You certainly have earned the perk of gaining some free drinks! Other than the drink aspect, do you feel RCL still provides better loyalty perks than CCL?

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