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Nassau Port of Call

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On a recent cruise with Carnival we visited Nassau which was very disappointing.  We went to Nassau with the intention of shopping and seeing the town.  We felt like being attacked by vultures trying to sell us things.  Experienced many stores that had sales people who looked at us with disgust if we walked out of store without making a purchase.  Had my phone stolen but after reporting the loss, the phone was recovered from Nassau.  I was told I had left it in the bank, but I was never in the bank.  Watch your phone and purse carefully while in Nassau. 

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@Marilyn Sivley What a bummer you had a disappointing experience in Nassau. Have you been there in the past? I have had a similar experience, especially in the more artisan style markets. It's fun to shop for souvenirs and bargain, but it can be an overwhelming experience. I generally enjoy trying to shop the artisan, local made products, but these markets can be oversaturated with similar products and shops side-by-side. It can be intimidating to shop with such intense selling, but it's just part of the experience. I enjoy being able to offer lower prices and get the prices discounted, unlike how I generally shop in the U.S. It's certainly a competitive market so usually the sellers will lower the suggested price to make the sale. 

When the environment is so congested it is also easy for pick pockets to take full advantage of visitors. You will actually see Nassau visitors wearing their backpacks in on their chest, in the front, or opting for a fanny pack in the front to lower the risk of this happening to them. I'm pretty impressed that Nassau was able to recover it. That's very good to hear. This is a good tip for any new cruisers visiting Nassau or any new port of call for that matter.

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@Marilyn Sivley Nassau just reached a record number of guests for a single day on Monday, February 27, 2023. I think the port is so popular it's going to continue to increase the number of cruise guests it receives annually. With more people visiting this area, there is more opportunity for petty theft in crowds. I hope everyone takes proper safety measures at every port of call they visit. It's better safe than sorry. 

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