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NCL Jade

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NCL Jade South Africa 21 Dec 2022 - 2 Jan 2023. NCL has been the worst cruise line I have dealt with. From the start it was horrible. They over charged us compared to other passengers on the ship. They screwed us with our airline tickets, we were told several different things concerning air travel, after months of being jerked around, we told them to cancel our air and refund the air portion of the tickets and we will purchase on our own. So we contacted Delta and worked with them for hours, I means about 8 hours and got tickets that had my wife and I sitting together not miles away on the long haul. Two days prior to our departure NCL canceled the out going flight that we paid for and booked directly with Delta. We called them and they blew us off and talked shi*. So once again we had to stay on the phone with Delta for hours, we finally got flights that got us in South Africa, late night before the ship sailed, we originally were going to spend two days in Cape Town prior to the cruise. Now we are on the ship and a young lady was directing passengers to the tender, she treated all the white passengers with dignity and respect, she talked to me and my wife as if we were the lowest of low. Out of our 13 cruises we have never been treated like this. Everything was screwed up from our dinner packets to you name it.We are both retired military with a total of 43 years of service and both are 100% disabled due to our injuries. This is the first time on NCL and it will be our last..very disappointed, this was a celebration and a bucket list trip and we spent a lot of money and NCL ruined it…

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@James B. This is not the first time I am hearing of NCL truly disappointing its guests! It seems the line's customer service is lacking a great deal. I believe if you are booking flights through a cruise line, the line should assist in handling any flight mishaps or changes. I'm truly sad to hear about this disappointing experience. I don't think a cruise vacation should be that stressful! Were you offered any apologies from the line? 

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They gave us a little help, but this was for issues prior to all the issues with the flight. They became very nasty and uncooperative. We were really surprised by the way we were treated by NCL. The iternary for the South Africa's trip is excellent. I even sent a registered letter to the CEO, no response.

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@James B. It seems like you experienced several different issues! Customer service should be kind and helpful; I don't think a cruise guest should ever experience nasty service. That is unnecessary. I'm sure the itinerary itself is amazing! That's probably why you booked that cruise to begin with! I hope you get a genuine response. I'm glad you are expressing your feelings to the higher ups. Hopefully the message is received and some changes are made!

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