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Booked in May 2022

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I’m thoroughly disgusted with RC at this time. We are booked on a family cruise sailing out of NY in May 2022. I just spoke to one of their reps and as of today there is no plan to cancel Haiti as a port of call. I realize this cruise is 6 months out but there is NO way myself and our family will be going to Haiti, not ever. The State Department has a travel ban in place for the safety of Americans. Looks like RC doesn’t care. As if Haiti will magically be better in 6 months. Shame on RC!!  I highly expect two cabins will become available in February when final payments are due if this danger is not addressed!!

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RC goes to Labadee in Haiti which is a private resort area they lease . It is basically isolated from the rest of Haiti and it’s issues . It’s not like they are dropping you in Port-au-Prince . Check into it a bit before making a rash cancelation.

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Did a little checking .. currently they have Labadee closed and it has been for a while and current cruises don’t go there .. though some pending trips showed it , they have been changing it as cruising time approaches ..so hopefully you’ll see an update in time for your deadline .

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