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Norwegian Getaway 07/30/22 - Changed Itinerary + No Splash Academy + Covid Testing

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Where do I start:

Arrived early on the 30th with priority boarding to be told we needed 3 x PCR tests then my son (7) also needed a antigen test (as not vaccinated) - so $80 dollars in taxis and 375$ for tests later with no priority boarding. The online check in form was useless as we had to repeat all the same processes at departures, there was also NO notification prior to departure about covid tests requirement (edocs or emails) - we had flown into the county with no requirements to test. Guest services - not interested. 

As we boarded were presented with a change of itinerary of Dominican Republic stop being changed to Amber cove and that out excursions would be refunded (still not refunded and was pre-paid) - were then told we could book another excursion but it was only the more expensive dolphin swim costing 900$ for 3 of us.

Set sail and got to Bahamas and all went smoothly and had a lot of fun, that evening were told over tannoy that the ship had a problem and all excursions were cancelled and ports being changed. So schedule updated to go to San Juan but in port 4pm > midnight, then St Thomas from 8am > 3pm (we rebooked a visit to sapphire beach where we paid about 230$ to be taken to beach resort in a taxi with 20 other people and sat on a beach with other holidaymakers, would have been much easier taking a taxi) and then Dominican Republic from 8am > 2:30 but no excursions bookable, prior to arriving at amber cove there was no notification of their being a pool / activities at the port so a lot of people did not disembark. They did hand out a shopping flyer for amber cove for all the diamonds you could purchase. Then returned to Port Canaveral. 

We were looking forward to getting some free time by our son going into the drop off Splash Academy - no drop off needed to be with parents - reason given, there are too many children on board so its only fair no one gets the drop in service. (the climbing activity on the boat was also closed for the trip) - the answer give the kids the 175$ arcade pass (not the same) Some people got the notification by email this was happening we did not - if we had known we would have cancelled.

That being said staff on board were excellent and the food / bars were good. 100% recommend the premium drinks voucher as you get water / Starbucks and nice whiskys. Just don't take anything from the minibar (that will cost you 40$+)

Have tried to contact guest services - no phone number as they only deal with sales / chat pointless / twitter pointless as they say they don't deal with post cruise issues. Did anyone else have the same issues or found a way to get a response. In my opinion we were not given what we purchased and some compensation should be expected. From reading other posts it looks like getaway has been having issues for a few weeks (since mid July) and I sense a stitch up where the boat had a known issue. 

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