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NCL Bait and Switch - Getaway 7/16/22 Sailing

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Buyer beware!

I just returned home from the 7/16 sailing on the Norwegian Getaway.  NCL cancelled our St. Thomas port of call, and offered zero explanation other than "unforeseen circumstances".  This stung especially badly because St. Thomas the whole reason we selected this itinerary.  Furthermore, we were not informed of the itinerary change until we had travelled to the embarkation port and were ready to board the ship.  Not informing us of a significant itinerary change until we were ready to board felt like a bait-and-switch. Then to offer no explanation was absurd.  The only information we did receive was from our captain - He informed us there was no reason the ship could not have docked in St. Thomas (no maintenance/navigation issues).  I firmly believe NCL's actions were in bad faith.

For example, if you purchased a movie ticket, then arrived at the theatre, but they only showed 75% of the movie, would you find it acceptable?  Of course not.  Your agreement was to purchase one whole movie, and the theatre agreed to show you one whole movie.  If the power went out during the show (unforeseen circumstance), the theatre would refund your ticket or give you a free ticket for a future date. 

NCL did not honor their end of the agreement, and should refund a significant portion of the fare for non-performance of the contract.  At a minimum, I would expect them to refund the pre-paid port fees/taxes for our cancelled port.

I do understand we live in the real world and changes happen, but the secrecy surrounding the change in itinerary lost them a customer for life.  Not only will we not sail NCL again, I will make it a personal goal to persuade any friends or family members from spending their money on an NCL cruise.

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