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  1. Shame on Carnival carnival Cruise Lines Will not refund or return deposit if you cancelled because of Covid, Our family has been cruising with carnival for the past 20 years and we are on our 14th cruise, we didn’t cruise in 2021 because Of Covid protocol and restrictions etc, This being said we decided we wanted to take our family; I.e. children and their spouses, My wife Booked 3 state rooms for the 6 of us, this was before 2022, but after all that’s transpired this year, our children and their spouses do not feel comfortable traveling : flying from Arizona and California to Miami, the cruise sails out of Miami in June 2022 so they cancelled . so we contacted Carnival Cruise lines in January to request cancellation of the 2 out of 3 state rooms,so it would just be my wife and I on the cruise, carnival asked us to call them back at the end of March to request a full refund. And advised us thank call back as Carnival has not set the protocol for this sailing until after March; So in contacting carnival in March for cancelation , we were advised that we we would not be able to get out deposits back and the deadline to cancel and get 100-% refund we would have had to request it before Feb 15th who’s was the deadline to cancel with 100% refund. when We called carnival back they said sorry we are unable to refund your deposit we are talking $750.00 or more. why are we not able to Get our full deposit refunded? my wife and I are still sailing? they said that they can only credit back on the deposit when we sail again in the future????? This is not right !!! there’s still a pandemic out there l!! we paid 💯 for the 6 of us up front, not that out two children and their spouses have decided that it’s not safe for them to travel on a cruise, we should be able to get 100% of their deposits back. it’s not right, we are loyal carnival cruisers and we want to continue to cruise with carnival but not If they are going to treat us like this!! I will be yelping our situation and requesting consumer assistance and complain to the BBB regarding this matter and I’ll contact my local news media to see it they can help us get this story out there! unfair to keep our $$$ return our deposit now! thank you Ronald Fernando ronaldmfernando@gmail.com
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