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  1. Getting ready to set sail in 8 days. I read somewhere (but now can't find it) that people were doing Pre-Covid testing at Walgreens and it was accepted by Carnival. Has anyone done testing at Walgreens? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. Did you cancel your cruise? I'm traveling with fiancé on March 6. We cancelled our Nov cruise because of the requirement to take a Covid test 48 hours prior to cruising. We have both been vaccinated and had booster shot. Just concerned that 48 hour test result won't come back in time before boarding the ship.
  3. I read that you can take Walgreens Rapid ID Now test and get results within 24 hours. Just trying to get confirmation about that. Carnival Cruise departs March 6. Thanks.
  4. You mentioned you did the eMed covid test. Did you get one box which you and your wife used? Trying to understand if one box is enough? My fiancé and I purchased one box which has two test kits in it. We have heard we can just do the Walgreens Rapid ID Now test and get results in less than 24 hours. Appreciate your post. Thanks.
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