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  1. The 3rd day of our cruise I came down with COVID. I was vaccinated and had the booster also.We had a suite. This drill Sgt. nurse calls and says, pack your stuff you’re being moved. We were moved to the 3rd deck with no ventilation. We were treated like lepers. We had to order food and wait 2-3 hours for it to be delivered outside our room, Ice cold. We were not allowed out of that room. All the attendants were wearing hazmat suits. It was a horrible experience.A paper in the room said you will be provided with plenty of snacks. We saw none.We got free pay for view, which was Forest Gump. The Washington Post wrote an article about this same issue with people complaining about their treatment. They have never followed up to see how anyone who was sick is doing. I want reimbursement for the cruise. I’m a Diamond Member with RCCL and this how I’m treated?
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