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  1. I'm on Allure 2/19 as well, but I'm canceling. I'm not wearing a mask on a cruise ship at all times except when I'm in my own room. Not while I watch stadiums full of 70k people not wearing masks. I have friends on a cruise posting pics and they are covered in masks the whole time- ridiculous. I could understand indoor venues somewhat, but outside? RCCL will make the decision to extend or keep the mask mandate in place on 2/14. After 20 cruises, I booked this cruise specifically to see 2 ports I'd never seen- DR & St. Kitts and both have been changed- to Labadee and Nassau, no less! Two ports I'd normally skip, but for what: To lay by a pool in a mask like a moron? What is the mask version of sunglass raccoon eyes? I'm eager to get back on a ship, but I have no trust in the changes that can be made while I'm on the ship stuck. I suppose if I was fleeing the cold, had made a major investment in airline travel, etc. it would be different, but living in Florida, where I'm surrounded by beaches and cruise ports, I'm lucky to be able to cancel this one. I'm booked on Odyssey in 6 weeks- fingers crossed. Just MHO.
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