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  1. Our cruise was totally a mess. All passengers were vaccined and were tested before they even went out then we were denied access to four of the ports that we wanted to go to and at them ports we would have been there for the whole day we ended up going to two ports from 6:00 in the morning till noon who gets to do any excursions and what a disappointment to sit on the ship the The entertainment was the absolute worst and I understand that with covid but we were trapped on that ship and not able to go to the islands were supposed to and they had nothing else to do they were confused they shut down a dining room there was only two. People that were cruel members must have gotten covid and so we were denied at St John's St Lucia same kits San Juan and the only ones that we got to go to were Saint Martin's and totola and that was for a very short time I paid all kinds of poor taxes to go to all these islands that we hadn't visited and received $10 back credit for the inconvenience of not going to the correct islands. Are you kidding when we tried to talk to somebody at the front desk service desk they say they can do anything and that they give you a case number and you have to get a hold of Norwegian it is plain awful that they don't try to accommodate their passengers that paid a lot of money to go on this cruise. Our time on seeing Islands and getting off the boat was at least 40 hours knocked down to like 12 hours that we were able to get off that chip and if you didn't have an excursion you couldn't even get off the ship then. So some poor people that didn't have anything organized and were just going to look at in the town weren't even able to get off the ship. While we went on our excursion we're not able to stop at any shops and a place going the beach they forbid us when we went to Barbados we could swim out in the ocean but not touch any beach. I feel that Norwegian was not transparent tried to hide most everything and just the day of would give us oh we're not going to that island. So disappointed in Norwegian.
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