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  1. Norwegian changed the Latitude program as a surprise. Just got off the Gem on January 9, 2022. You will notice that there’s no longer a bottle of wine distributed on day one. They also removed the free Wi-Fi minutes and replace them with a discount percentage that cannot be used since does not apply to the free 250 minutes given at start. Don’t be misled on the ambassador Cruise. You will be paying for it. You must pay for all taxes and fees. The new diamond category is also a waste since you cannot upgrade your room to a suite or haven. You can basically update an inside room to a window or a window to a balcony. Think about it. Obviously with a cruise ship industry being hit hard they did this to save money on their end. Perks are less. By the way due to Covid, there is no longer a behind-the-scenes tour & officers meeting dinner! Lastly, to be up-to-date, just got back on the Gem to Bahamas. They canceled the Bahamas since there was a large number of positivity with Covid with the crew. Three of the four singers were in quarantine. All the major shows were cancelled. We never got off the boat at Bahamas. There was no reimbursement for any of this. Covid is definitely taking it’s toll. We were told that none of the crew were ill but they were positive. When a certain number of crew become positive and they cannot perform their duties then the cruise will be canceled. Look forward to better days.
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