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  1. I would love to know how the cruises have gone, we are scheduled for the middle of February.
  2. I hate to be this way, but that is an incorrect statement. There are a great many paved parts on CocoCay, we have been twice this year, once with a scooter and once with a wheelchair. It is the most accessible of any of the private islands we have visited and that includes Carnival, NCL, and MSC.
  3. My wife uses a wheelchair and we have been on CocoCay with both a scooter and a wheelchair, we have also been to Halfmoon Cay, Ocean Cay, Harvest Cay, and CocoCay is the most accessible of any of the private Islands.
  4. We are on the Emerald Princess and while we have been denied entry to two ports, I would say that things in general have been good. Most people comply with the restrictions on mask wearing. We love the medallion. I conducted a live video show from the ship, and ordered and received my coffee during the show.
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