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  1. Meant to say Key West, not Grand Cayman (my bad). You can fly to Key West, no problem, but no cruise ships.
  2. Yes. Pretty much end of story. Grand Cayman is closed, until further notice, to cruisers. And if flying you need to test and quarantine.
  3. #1) Never book a cruise for the ports. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Any number of things can cause you to miss a port: weather, a sick or injured passenger, civil unrest in the island... I could go on and on. It is for that reason that your cruise contract states that they can change or skip ports at anytime. All they owe you is the port tax back. And fyi, Grand Cayman is a tender port, if winds are high it is always canceled. You should have done some research before booking. #2) It was a cruise to JAMAICA for goodness sakes! Did you really think there would be no weed smoking going on? Some of the excursions even include marijuana samples, like the Bob Marley plantation tour. #3) Carnival puts a hold on blocks of your money attached to your debit card, as do ALL cruise lines. It starts with an initial amount, and then they will put a hold on more as the cruise goes on and you spend more. Again, this is in the cruise FAQ's. All you had to do was read it. Changes to your cabin assignment are infrequent, but sometimes necessary. Would you sleep in a cabin that someone had just got sick in? What if the last passenger broke the T.V or clogged the toilet?? Your reasons for anger towards Carnival are not really warranted.
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