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  1. Hello all. We booked a cruise on Alure of the Seas for Feb. 5th. As of now, I have called several times for information. They will not give me ANY information directly and advised I have to go through my "cruise planner" (travel agent). I called her and asked about cancelation. She told me we would only get a portion of our money back. I have travel insurance and Royal caribbean has the "peace of mind program" where we can cancelation and get 125% credit fir a future cruise. Our travel agent says this only applies if RCL cancels our cruise. Does anyone have any information about this?? We have been saving for 2 years fir this cruise!! At this point...not sure what to do. We also chose this cruise fir St. Thomas and St. Kitts which have denied access to RCL. Does anyone have ANY info. on this?? PLEASE help. My family has our vaccine and boosters. Delema: is it safe? If we cancel, what do we get back? What do we get on a future cruise? Is it worth the $$ to have ports and activities canceled? Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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