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  1. I just off boarded that cruise myself. Beyond disappointed, since it was my first cruise. To finally hear last night some of the experiences some of the guests encountered last night really hit me. Carnival had their crew members quarantine in some of our rooms we had bought for the trip. Carnival knew they had infected crew members since the day we boarded and yet they allowed us to board. When getting to Puerto Vallarta they annoy to us that due to 5 guests having covid we couldn’t get off the boat, when in reality is was 30 or more crew members that were infected with covid. Seeing all the fist floor with black trash bags & special gloves and mask outside the doors of the whole first floor was what made things more upsetting! Then hearing or friends say they saw hazmat people on the first floor cleaning and when they saw them the hazmat guys hid right away in the room and then security approaching them asking what they were doing their. It’s a mixture of feelings.
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