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  1. There are tests at the port in PR. I just asked. They are $99 or $109. Because they are the rapid PCR tests. Or you can have them done within 48 hours of getting on the boat from your Dr or Walgreens. But it has to be within 48 hours of getting on the boat. Not an hour later she said.
  2. I just spoke with someone at RC and she told me that they are trying to work something out with Puerto Rico now. We are flying into PR and getting on a boat there in a little over 30 days. She said if we didn’t feel comfortable waiting that long that we could change our cruise. It’s already been cancelled once. 😩 We are so ready to go!! Ready to get our cruise on! This will be my better half’s first time. And I’m really happy we are able to get away for a little while. Yes, it’s not the perfect time due to Covid. It’s everywhere we go. Whether we are home or traveling. I’m not going to hide the rest of our lives. Just sanitize sanitize and sanitize some more. Wash rinse repeat. I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy New Year.
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