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  1. I am on Regent Mariner. We are cdc yellow. This occurred immediately after first port of Key West. The service in main dining room is very poor. I waited 90 minutes for 2 eggs first breakfast. I was told kitchen lines for room service taking presidence over dining room. Captain held gathering at reception. Was handled not well. Cruise director tells me they have 70 page report of everything they did to ensure our safety. Hotel manager says no report exists. Throws him under the bus. Took one week to get bathroom floor rug. We used towels. Last night I had a guest for dinner in main dining room. Asked for filet medium rare. Received well done. Returned. New filet arrived medium well. Forget it. This morning I asked for smoked salmon. Never arrived. After 40 minutes I informed the waiter. He said, "Oh.". The friendliness is shown by the cabin steward and Cruise consultant. Arrogance shown by hotel manager. Cancelled 5 ports of call put pf 9 so far. We were told if we buy a future cruise within a certain time frame, we can deduct 25% of our current fare towards the future cruise. More to come. Remember, this is Regent.
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