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  1. While I do not agree that they should drop the requirement the vaccine. I should say that I went 2+ years without getting the VID. I just got back from the cruise and got it while I was on the cruise with mostly fully vaccinated people. I think they should relax the requirement, so people like Charles can cruise. If you haven't gotten a booster in 6-12 months than you are just like someone who hasn't been vaccinated.
  2. Sailed May 28-June 4 2022, cruising speed was slow no higher then 20 knots. Ship was in good shape but the engine issue needs to be addressed sooner then later. The cruise was completely sold out to max capacity. The crew was great but definitely over whelmed by the amount of passengers. Some venues were closed due to the lack of crew. The slides were closed but the sky ride and ropes course were open during peak times. Good luck getting a lounge chair. Some deck parties were canceled due to weather or short staff. There were a lot of people reporting that they tested positive on the day that they returned or while on the cruise. Ports were good, be careful in Jamaica. Grand Cayman Turtle Farm was great, Cozumel Dolphin experience was excellent. All were through Carnival.
  3. They haven't fixed the propulsion issue. As of now the ports and the order of the ports are the same. I will see you on board. Im the Army guy on deck 10.
  4. Thank you, I hopethey keep her going unit I get on board with the granddaughters. Once we are on board she can go as slow as she wants. 🙂
  5. Are they sailing at 85% like the Mardi Gras?
  6. MAR-Q was a great cruise director. The flying Scotsman was also goon on the Mardi Gras.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about changing out the cruise director? When will Carnival bring back MAR-Q.
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