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  1. I booked a cruise in 2022 with Royal Caribbean, then was diagnosed with cancer and began a very difficult struggle with my health. When I was finally able to manage my affairs I contacted Royal Caribbean, advised them of my situation and asked them for a refund. While confirming the dates of my initial deposit I noticed an additional charge on my bank statement that appeared three days after my deposit in the amount of $1,345.20. I asked Royal Caribbean about that charge and they advised me that they never made that charge to my bank account and that I was mistaken. Now Royal Caribbean did refund my deposit and I am very grateful for that, however they would not take action on that other charge. For months I have went back and forth with the executive office, guest relations, customer resolutions and have been given the run around. Finally in December Royal Caribbean advised me that a travel company by the name of Vacations to Go must of made those charges to my account. Royal Caribbean even provided me with a Statement, on Royal Caribbean Letter Head with my name and Vacations to Go printed on it. After reviewing that statement I contacted Vacations to GO. After exchanging correspondence with the Vacations to Go Chief Executive I was advised that they had not made the charges and upon further inspection of the invoice sent to me by Royal Caribbean, the invoice was for a booking offer by Vacation to Go, the offer was from two months prior to the charges made to my account by Royal Caribbean and the charges on the invoice were not the same as the charges to my account. This matter has now come to a climax. Royal Caribbean is still continuing to say that they did not make the $1,345.20 charge to my account and they are now telling me that this matter is settled and will not be addressed again. I am not wondering what I can or should do. For the record, I have now made a complaint to the Missouri Attorney Generals Office (I live in Missouri) regarding this and I have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney Generals Offices as well as with the Better Business Bureau. Does anyone have any additional suggestions, courses of action and/or points of contact for me to help me with my quest for successful resolution of this matter. I have given Royal Caribbean every chance to rectify this as a mistake. I am now considering this an act of fraud. Thank you to all for your assistance.
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