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  1. Hello. Im still trying to understand an issue my family encountered this week. We signed up for a carnival cruise to the bahamas departing from tampa. Due to major flight delays on BOTH legs of our flight from colorado, we literally missed the boat. Our original arrival time of 6 am on departure day turned into 6 pm. We had to have boarded by 3. We tried asking about flying direct to bimini to catch the boat 2 days in, but were flat out denied with no explanation. Ive tried searching around a bit for policy explanations and have read up a little on the pvsa that might possibly be the reason, but am still unclear on whether this was their valid reason for our particular dilemma. Would it really be illegal for them to let us join at a different port? If there was a just a fee for that, couldnt we have paid it and still be able to join at least part of the way as well as enjoy the extra excursions we paid for? What was more disappointing was, even though it was well more than 24 hours advance notice, we couldnt cancel those excursions and get any money back because once we missed the boat we were kicked out of the app. This has put a bad taste in my mouth for cruises. This was to be our first one. Please help me understand whether there really were good reasons for carnival not being more helpful in these circumstances absolutely out of our control.
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