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  1. https://www.cruisehive.com/new-details-confirmed-about-port-cruise-ship-limits/125450
  2. This weekend I heard/learned that any cruise already "booked" into Bar Harbor will be permitted to anchor and send passengers into Bar Harbor, but any future cruises that have not already reserved their spot with the local port, cannot do so, unless they have fewer than 1000 passengers. Alas, I cannot find my source. So I recommend you research this on your own.
  3. @3Sisters We leave from NYC on September 8th. I suspect the cruise lines and the local government will have their solution by then. We also stop at Newport, RI, Portland, St John, NB, and Halifax, NS. With a sea day back to NYC. If we hear anything, I will try to remember to check in here!. 🙂
  4. We are on the Breakaway from NYC our itinerary includes both Portland and Bar Harbor. So, if Bar Harbor is off, we will likely have another sea day, which we would be okay with. Although I know many folks won't like that idea.
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