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  1. Rainy


    Hi Has anybody taken the Enchanted Princess to New England/Canada ? Would love to hear any feedback, thanks
  2. Thats sounds awful! I don't know what the answer to the chairs is. I know the cruise lines are trying but it seems like an impossible task. We have become an uncivilized nation. What I did once was moved the magazine left to save the chair over and sat down. When the person returned, I said thank you I was just sitting until you returned and got up. Now when someone says they are saving a chair I just ask if I can sit until they return, and then I sit. So far it's been working.
  3. Rainy


    Hi Thank you for your response. It's a 7-day cruise and we have never gone one Princess cruise, so we are looking forward to it. We are traveling with our 2 adult daughters, so I hope there's enough for them to do. They are 28 and 30 I hope there are not too many young children, but there are no slides on this ship so maybe that will be a deterrent.
  4. Rainy


    Hi We are taking the Canada/New England voyage this summer any comments from anyone that has taken it? Thanks going in August on the Enchanted Princess
  5. I like room service for a few days on my voyage Holland America offers free room service . I won't pay extra so I won't order it on Celebrity I will order a coffee and Danish to eat on my balcony while Iwait for my husband to wake up I'm early he's late so that a nice touch for free.
  6. Not a fan of this change. I can never sit by the regular pool because it's too crowded, so I appreciate the Solarium . I hope they can enforce this unlike the do not hog the lounge chair rule
  7. Rainy


    Please give Captain members free room service it would be a nice perk. Holland offers free room service for everyone
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