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    I read your article on the varies increases that cruise line are introducing for gratuities. As an Australian I /we find this quite rude to force people to pay automatically. I would rather have the control & pay an amount to who I think deserves it. This is what I have always done & have removed the auto gratuities once I board the ship. Not sure if this is doable on all cruise lines. Sorry to say but why should we the passengers subsidies the wages of the staff, who do a wonderful job but get paid peanuts by these conglomerate corporations. I would prefer an all inclusive fare & if it included this gratuity then be it. We have travelled numerous Viking cruises & we have not had any gratuity charges shown as Australians, yet fellow American & other passengers were charged. Appreciate if you can answer one question please. Is it a given that you have to pay the auto gratuities charged by some cruise lines ? I am not against gratuities where they are earned. But to be charged automatically is not on for us.
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