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  1. We have previously booked a cruise that included Belize city only to have them change the destination right before sailing. This happened to us 2 times now. Same port Belize ! I believe that they are using false advertising. Bating you with certain ports and then change to a different port for there own profit. I understand that weather makes changes necessary but they have done this both times 40- 30 days before sailing. They do not care if you are upset and offer no compensation for us the passengers. We have been to Costa Maya to many times to count. Don't get me wrong it's a nice port but we had wanted to go to Belize to scuba the great riefs.been cruising with them over 10 years every year and sometimes twice a year.have talked to them and they truly don't care! Will be our last unless things change and that's a shame as we do enjoy the ship's but customer service is no longer a priority to them. Lost money on already booked excursions and they say to bad should have booked them with us. They don't have any scuba s available.
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