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  1. I'm currently on the Horizon, we get back to Miami tomorrow. We were supposed to visit 4 ports, but due to engine problems, 2 ports were cut. We started our cruise with a medical emergency, very sad that someone passed so we had to return to Miami. Then, the engine problem happened. One of the stacks blew so chunks of soot fell on some of us causing burns, our television rarely worked, wifi minimally worked. I find it interesting in todays world that we know how bad smoking is for us and Carnival is really anti smoking as it is stressed only smoke in designated areas, but in the casino non smokers have no rights. It's ok to smoke when spending and losing money in the casino, no non smoking gambling available. Carnivals response for remedy is to give us $100 on board credit, refund for our unusable excursions and 25% off a future cruise. Carnival fully knew there have been problems on this ship. They are giving people full refunds and credit for their airfare for the cruises that were coming up that they had to cancel. On a positive note, the crew were fantastic, working very hard under a difficult situation. And sadly, because of the shutdown many had their contracts canceled, thus leaving them unemployed.
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