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  1. Gratuities included. What does it mean? We are paying a lot extra for service that is simply expected and yet not given the chance to evaluate the service that actually warrants an extra reward. If gratuities are included then why do the crew leave the envelope in your cabin? You have already paid. On boarding we head straight to Guest Services and advise them that we will look after any gratuities ourselves and not to bill us. It works. No tipping in Japan as they consider it an honour to work for you. Australians are very, very hesitant and reluctant to tip but will round up on occasion. RCL have stopped the turn down service and only visit your cabin once a day. Thus we pay more for less.
  2. In this instance it was virtually a dead heat. 3 lamb cutlets plus all the extras at J.Os and a great steak at Chops. Will try this on Princess coming up in January and see how we get on. They usually have a very good steak and lobster tail.
  3. Suprisingly high numbers of North Americans, Canadians, NZers etc take the opportunity and opt for A Round Australia cruise. Usually 28 days and home porting in Sydney or Brisbane. Tropical ports down to blue water ports. An excellent selection. Cost varies. Budget options are P&O starting from around $AUD4600.00. Specials from most cruise lines. We used Majestic Princess in February 2023. You will need something warm to wear when down in the southern ports.
  4. The discount was applied across the normal full priced menu with no exceptions. Very good value and a good incentive to try out the specialty dining. Certainly worth giving it a try. It worked well for us. In fact we asked another couple to join us and asked if they would apply the discount to them as well. They did.
  5. Most cruise lines offer so called "Specials" specialty dining packages either pre-paid, before you board, or when you actually board and the staff come around waiving the menus in your face. Recently on Quantum we managed to get a 30% discount at Jamie Oliver's and a 20% discount at Chops grille. The meals were stunning with great service. In short ask for a discount rather than simply pay the price asked. It doesn't hurt.
  6. Other cruise lines, MSC for one, have had these UT restaurants for a good number of seasons. Well worth the extra for the meal as is the entertainment which comes with it. So yes it is time to move on from pizzas, Italian, Chinese and the proverbial steak house. Enjiy
  7. Cannot understand what all the fuss is about re the medallions. Got ours at check in which was seamless. Less likelyhood of forgetting to bring it with you. The medallion itself is excellent.
  8. As always there is something to do be done whether it be portside or on seadays. Longest was Arcadia Sydney to London, 42 days. Think that the longer cruises give you more time to do all of the things you want to do rather than try to cram them all in
  9. Perks still include laundry but only at Elite level. Seems though that post Covid you pay more for less. Most OBCs seem to have evaporated as have some of the floor staff in the buffet dining rooms although the service is still good.
  10. Try getting two soft boiled eggs, 3 & a half minutes or so, on this or any other cruise ship. It is possible but perseverance is a virtue, that and training the crew. Majestic is a big ship 3700 pax or so yet they manage everything quite seamlessly. Theatre holds 852. Complimentary mini bar for Elite has changed. Once you could trade it for coffee cards or a $100 plus credit on your room account. Huge reluctance to do anything but simply take it away if you don't want it. Ship has a great steak restuarant, good value at $AUD55.00 thereabouts.
  11. Princess pizzas, still included, rate very highly. Recently spent 28 days on Majestic princess and found that dining experience was up to the Princess standard. The cookies have shrunk though. Speciality dining remains high quality and reasonably priced. Doing a comparison using RCL in October 23
  12. Horizon court is split into two which has its minor problems such as trying to remember which part you were in when you ordered your poached eggs or some of the hot deserts
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