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  1. Big problem when I took the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska. I am a single senior disabled female. When making my reservation I was able to pick my room on the 14th fl. 5 days before the cruise I went to check in on line and realized that someone at Norwegian had changed my room from 14-407 a handicap room, to a normal room right above the threater. I was so upset, but Norwegian wouldn't refund me my money. So as soon as I got on the ship, I went to quest services. They said that they had no handicap rooms available. I explained that I had the handicap room 14-407 picked, reserved and paid for. And I certainly wasn't going to the room that they dumped on me over the theater. Which when I was 21 I took a cruise and had that type of room. Never got any sleep. Close to midnight they gave me a room on the 13th floor, but not a handicap room. Which when I went to take a shower, stepping up into the bathroom, the waves caught me unbalance and I fell back. Both my arms went out to try and catch myself. Which broke my fall, but totally bruised up my back inside arms. The next day, I went back to guest services and explained what happened and showed them the bruises on my arms. The 3rd night they found a handicap room for me So I had to repack, move, and unpack. Which is quite a bit when your handicap. Then having 3 whole days eaten up with constantly having to go to quest services. Finally on the 4th day of only a 7 day cruise, I felt like I got some rest. So again I went back to guest services, asking for a credit or voucher credit to make up for the wasted days, damage, and problems that Norwegian caused. Everyday I went to quest services never getting a resolution. Yet the guy who moved rooms with me, got a free week (a letter to him was left on my door. Thinking it was for me I opened it, then realizing it was for the guy who moved). I tried contacting several people at Norwegian, and it was just basically ignored. Except 1 person did offered me $100. I wrote back to them saying did she mean $1,000 or $100? Never got an answer back. My total costs was almost $3,000. **** Does anyone know someone I can contact regarding this.??? Thanks V.
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