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  1. I agree, I love elegant night; but of course this is the adult that refused to wear denim in high school due to my love for dress attire.
  2. I agree, because I have this same problem. The way I resolve it though is I bless someone who I know, like, and can tolerate being around for the duration of my trip and I bring them along. If I really like and love you as I do my granddaughter I pay for your everything but if you are my aunt or something like that then you need to purchase your own airfare and bring your own spending money and for friends it's based off there final situation how much of a gift outside the free cruise I will give you. This way I feel like my money is well spent but I would really like to only pay for myself. Carnival needs to get up to speed with this because some of its competitors have single room pricing I have just always sailed with Carnival and I am afraid to go with another company.
  3. I love cruises because being out at sea makes me feel as though daily life is nonexistent. This gives me that peace that the Calgone Commercials advertised but in reality didn't. Produce. I try to take at least 1 cruises per year, so far this year in 2023 I have taken 2 and now looking for my 3 one. In my opinion cruises are the best bargain all inclusive trips you can take, they have something for all income levels but for me a suite is a must have due to the spaciousness and the great view of the water you get sitting on your own personal balcony.
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