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  1. Our Cruise on Carnival Spirit is scheduled to go through the Panama Canal on September 30, 2023. Will we be affected by the drought slowdown? I have read of long wait times. Can Carnival cut the line?
  2. We have booked 7 nights Alaska and 16 nights to New Orleans through the Panama Canal. We are retired.
  3. We are booked for 7 night Alaska Sept. 12 and 16 night New Orleans via Panama Canal. 23 nights, it would be nice to get a change of menu.
  4. No longer "Freestyle". I don't want to make a reser4vation for the theatre. That is not freestyle, that is restrictive.
  5. Back-to-back? What are the procedures for back to back? Do I have to get off and go through the embarkation again? I would like to take a tour of Seattle while in port.
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