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  1. @Cruising Caribbean The shorter cruises also have a much higher level of participation for events and shows. Everyone is trying to jam all of the fun into their short vacations. I have spent a lot of time on the Navigator lately (from Los Angeles). Even though I live in Seattle, the 2 hour plane ride is quick and usually pretty cheap. That along with a lot of free casino cruises from royal Caribbean make this a very cheap vacation. Beth
  2. I'm so happy that they will be prioritizing these environmental protections. It looks like it's going to be amazing and maybe I'll actually get off the boat in Nassau!
  3. Sitka and Skagway are my favorite. The bears in Sitka are amazing to look at and the White Pass Train in Skagway is not to be missed.
  4. I've cruised out of Southhampton lots of times. It's a nice port. There's a couple of big Asda's close by good for stocking up on snacks & a wine bottle. I hope they have improved the parking area!
  5. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm booked for a family 2 bedroom suite which is a new class of cabin. I've been on all of the Oasis class ships and I think that Royal really has their guest flows down. Never waiting in line and never feeling crowded!
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