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  1. Both ships are new, so they definitely have lots of life left. We’re hoping that the new ship owners will honor the remaining paid-for cruises in 2023 and 2024. Otherwise, we’ll most likely lose the money we paid for our March 2024 cruise, too. I don’t see how we’ll ever get any of our money back. Nor will any other passengers. Am I wrong to think this?
  2. Last night we received word that our July 16, 2023, cruise — North American Waterways: St. Laurence and Great Lakes on the MS Ocean Explorer has been cancelled. Now we find out that a Class Action suit has been filed against Vantage Travel in Boston. And both the MS Ocean Explorer and the MS Ocean Odyssey were repossessed and are docked in Caens, France. And three months of cruises have been cancelled. And the insurance company will not refund money because Vantage cancelled. Anyone else affected by this or had their Vantage cruise cancelled?
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