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  1. Some good points 3 SIS.....I wondered if going from a different port would bring a different crowd type. WE made the mistake years ago by booking a cruise that happened to be Spring Break....( not enough space to tell the whole story OMG). I guess a crowd is a crowd, so the smaller ships might be a bit better.
  2. WE're doing Celebration to round out the checked boxes. Probably go with Vista class ( horizon, Vista) on next bookings or dare I say venture out to other cruise lines. Disappointed in unruly cruisers, and actual shoving match between two people trying to get into the Diamond/Plat return party? All for cheap Chardonnay and Fruity Rum drinks. WE grew up with carnival....just seems to be a lost control element here. Open cursing, rude people, mobs of teens running crazy. Whew......
  3. Had a great time on Mardi Gras.....I guess there is the problem on TOO BIG.....enormous mobs, but seemed to handle ok...just too many folks for us. Food was also good, Emril's a go to along with the Shaq Chicken, Lido was the LIdo...minimal entrees, just so/so. Steakhouse was fab...Chef even came around and asked about our meal. We did the TepanYake (sp?)...very poor, lobster tough overcooked, shimp even worse....Won't be back. Welcome back party has the usual Diamond/Platinum guests along with the same number of "crash the party" moochers....mob scene. Overall, we prefer the smaller ships, but now we've done both Mardi and Celebration...so that box checked.
  4. Or maybe Virgin AMerica...Margarite Ville.
  5. Hard to bring 9 year olds to the party, when the Chorus line is something about a women's anatomy.
  6. Good points...our last trip on Mardi was absolutely crazy.....the pool was blasted with Hood music, suggestive...Not so sure Carnival is the Family Friendly it used to be.
  7. WE had sent documents via FAX....had an email, that we were missing pages, etc? I then sent same documents via email/attachments...got approved in 2 days. Strange......
  8. Thanks...sent the email method....got a form that said it might take up to 1` week before cruise before notification. thanks...
  9. The 305 for the ownership fax documents....not working? Another fax #?
  10. Just got off Mardi Gras...highly recommend the Brass Magnolia Bar for the original Old Fashioned.......they make a good Hurricane too !!!!!!!!!
  11. The bartender on Horizon at the BBQ place made the classic. Hand ground, Woodford Reserve Double Oak, Angostura bitters and one ice.....superb !!!
  12. Our go to drink is the classic old fashion.....we've had good and bad on carnival cruises, best was on Horizon at the Pig BB Q.....didn't want the smoked Old Fashion, just the classic with Woodford Reserve. Whats the best bar on Mardi gras for a great Old Fashion .?
  13. This is on Mardi Gras...August 5 sailing. We have some friends going, but they did not receive the above. Not sure if I have to reserve or what?
  14. Received from Carnival : Since you picked Assigned Dining, your seats will always be reserved at one of our dining rooms. You’ll find a great variety on the menu every time you drop by! But, did you know that you always have the option of switching it up and dining at any of the other restaurants? That includes a complimentary visit to Cucina del Capitano (after 7:45 pm) and Chibang!, additional visits are only $8.00 per person. Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse | Brewhouse is complimentary all sailing long. That's three all-inclusive specialty dining spots, complimentary for a limited time! IS this Something new...I knew that Cucina was free for lunch, ...but is it now open from Free dining at dinner along with Chibang too? The lunch menu was a short one.... THoughts??
  15. We do 3 cruises a year. Have done land based all inclusive type vacations...but they can't compete with being on the seas. I felt after a few days at the resort, it was generally the same thing over and over. With cruising, its always an adventure, different ports, things to see that change daily.
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