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  1. We sailed on the MSC Sinfonia on 13/03/23 and sailed up the east coast of Africa to Venice. I describe this cruise as “A NIGHTMARE FROM HELL FOR 28 DAYS” . I was sick from the third day with gastroenteritis that developed into a bacterial/parasitic infection and the medical doctor on board was inexperienced and incompetent. My husband got me antibiotics from a pharmacist in Seychelles who told him that he had 15 sick passengers visit him that morning and said there was something seriously wrong on this boat and was either from a “serious water or food contamination”on board. There were lots of sick passengers, covid, flu, deaths every dreaded lurgy abounded. The food was always cold or luke warm and although my husband pointed this out numerous times to the English head chef it made no difference. Everything was shocking on this boat the only plus factor were some of the staff. Our cabin steward and main dining waiter were fabulous but apart from that I warn future passengers that this was the worst time of my life. After 6 weeks and numerous blood tests and scans I am only now starting to get my health back. This boat has serious problems, cold and contaminated food, inadequate medical staff, blocked plumbing, guest services can’t rectify any query and all they are interested in is taking your money. BE WARNED. I am posting this as I have just seen another MSC boat failed its health check. One cannot even complain to MSC as they have no correct email address.
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