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  1. I would have to disagree with a few of your points. If you got meat that was overcooked that is surprising. I like my meat cooked very well done and always have to send it back to get it that way on any of the cruise lines. The only time I don't is if I pay to eat in one of the upscale restaurants. The cruise lines are now using the largest dining room for anytime dining due to its popularity and there are times when you can walk in and be seated without taking a pager. If you want ambience at dinner then it's best to go with an early or late seating which I personally despise. I travel solo most of time and have never been told I have to sit alone using anytime dining. It is usually the opposite where they try to force you to sit with other people. I don't like sitting with strangers so for me sitting alone is preferred. Carnival's dining situation is no different that most other cruise lines. I will be on the Horizon in two weeks so I will be anxious to see how the dining is this time around. My biggest concern is the entertainment at night as the last time I was on board it was horrible. I was on the Conquest so hopefully it is better on the newer ships.
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