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  1. jryka


    But they are on a cruise? I know people who blame things on their age, when it's some physical malady (self inflicted or not) that is slowing them down not their age. I think they should be eligible for and make use of the handicapped offerings.
  2. Though my bank online (BOA), I was able to order euros sent to my house. They charged about 5% more than what google showed for the exchange rate at, and I got free shipping. Easy!
  3. When you first arrive in Lisbon and take a taxi to your hotel, can you pay the driver in USD? Or maybe they take a credit card? Thanks
  4. Thanks, as I mentioned I got an upgrade, hence the deluxe penthouse. Really, though, the entry level rooms on Explora and Nova are new, plushy, and large enough for me.
  5. I guess my number one requirement is a new, plushy, large cabin. I like PR a lot, both SJ and out in the Dorado area, but I have never been to Barbados, and I'm looking forward to 4nts at the Hilton.
  6. My wife and I overdid cruising in the early 2000's and opted to start flying to and staying at destinations. We travelled a lot, maybe 10 times a year including every winter to Hawaii. I lost her 1.5 years ago, and have tried some trips like we use to do, but looking for something different. I did try a regular 5nt NCL and a 2 nts MSC, they weren't quite right for me.
  7. I'm not sure. I think maybe just a youtube video. I don't usually cruise, but I'm hoping luxury lines will be my new go to.
  8. I'm on the Silver Seas' new ship Nova and haven't been to Portugal (or Spain) before.
  9. They are both on Explora 1. My January 2024 is only 6 nts from San Juan to Barbados, but adding 4 nts on both ends makes is almost perfect. The January 2025 is 11 nts rdtp miami, obviously, with a bunch of Caribbean stops. They had a promo back when I booked for a 2 category upgrade, so I booked the highest terrace level and upgraded to a deluxe penthouse on both. I was able to grab 1 of the 2 aft facing DP's on both.
  10. I booked a TA cruise that leaves from Lisbon. I originally was going to fly in a day ahead of time, but realize how silly that was and changed it so I arrive 4 days ahead.
  11. It's my first luxury cruise too. I got very excited about Expolra Journey Cruises and booked 2 of them. (jan 2024 and 2025). I don't remember what specifically made me add this SS cruise, but I very excited about it too.
  12. I'm going on my 1st transatlantic in November on Nova...
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