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  1. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. I don't think I can resolve this happily without NCL giving me their words in writing way before the sailing (help or no help from NCL?), so I can decide whether to end it there or deal with the set-back (1 day gap) by booking a hotel room in advance for that night, possibly lugging our luggage out of the ship for1 day, lugging them to the hotel, lugging them back to the ship the next day.....get/do everything at our own expenses....... As of now, all they said was - wait till we are on the ship (on 1/5/2024) to ask the front desk if we can leave our belonging on the ship.....by then we would have to have made our decision to stay for the 12th cruise or not, and we would have to have booked the return flight accordingly......... Well, this is lesson learned about B2B's pitfalls/issues......... It sure is NOT 'smooth sailing' This is the first time we will be on N. Epic. I have done plenty researches on the ship and am prepared for it, the good and the not so good.
  2. Our cruises are for Jan 5, 2024 and on, not this year. They said we have to wait till we are on the ship next year to ask their customer service (front desk) to see if we can leave our belongings on the ship. Our PCC said - do not know why $40 reduction for the modified 4/19/2024 cruise, but emphasized the 10% price reduction will only be applied within 30 business days. If after 30 business days the 10% reduction is not applied then she will escalate the matter. If they won't let us leave our belongings on the ship we will probably cancel the last cruise (4/30/2024 to 5/9/2024) and end the cruise on 4/29/2024 Thank you for your kind words and understanding.
  3. Have no idea why they did that! From not doing anything to get us the same cabin for all 12 cruises, to not offering any help at all (actually not even responding) for the b2b cruisers having to deal with the 1 day gap, to something fishy about the $40 reduction showing up on my 'vacation summary' just when the modified ( shortened) itinerary is showing up in the summary !!! We are waiting for our PPC's reply if this $40 is the 10% price reduction NCL promised (if this is, it is a huge mistake!)
  4. Booked - 12 B2B cruise on Epic 1/5/2024 to 5/9/2024 NCL shortens my 11th cruise - 4/19 to 4/30/2024 by 1 day (now 4/19 to 4/29 only) Still have the 12th cruise (4/30/2024 to 5/9/2024) Q - is that still considered B2B cruises? I think now we have to pack up and leave the ship on 4/29/2024 and re-board on 4/30 - a huge inconvenience and head-ache! None of the NCL department/personnel to which I direct my questions/request, reply to my questions/request, not my PCC, not reservation, not guest relation..... I ask them if I can leave my belongings in my cabin and just leave the ship for 1 day...... (Technically it is no longer backtoback? and the ship is not cruising on 4/29/2024, so would there be any custom/immigration issues that would prevent the ship from letting us leave our belongings on the ship? Anybody who has such experience or answers, please HELP!
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