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  1. Did you not have travel Insurance? I cancelled 3 cruises in the last 3 years close to last minute and was re-imbursed 100% within 2 weeks. Allianz travel insurance.
  2. Did you get an answer for this and a resolution? Just an fyi there is no certification required to be a service animal and hope you didnt get ripped off even though most dogs do need some formal training. All requirements can be found on the ada.gov website. This is from NCL web site and hopefully you found out by now. Guests must provide copies of the dog’s current vaccination records that show all shots are up-to-date (including Rabies), as well as a USDA or International Health certificate Guests are responsible for checking with all ports of call for any special requirements they may have. Guests are responsible for bringing all food, medication and life jacket for the dog A relief sand box will be provided All guests traveling with service animals must book at least two weeks in advance to allow enough time to check with each port of call and provide Norwegian Cruise Line with all required documentation.
  3. Curling irons are allowed. https://www.ncl.com/faq/guest-conduct-policy
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